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McLaren 720S: Has the supercar bar just been raised?

709bhp, 0-124mph in 7.8 seconds and a top speed of 212mph. Those astonishing figures belong to the McLaren 720S, which has just been unveiled in Geneva to an audience of dribbling journalists.

Geneva Motor Show 2017: Supercar fans will be positively frothing with excitement because McLaren just unveiled the 720S, the first car of the second-generation Super Series and the successor to the 650S. A car we adored very much.

It really seems as if the British manufacturer has pulled out every stop to make the 720S even better in every conceivable way. From the P1-esque appearance and McLaren F1-inspired doors to its face-melting performance, this is a regular supercar poster child. These are the facts, available as a video (above) or text (below).

1) McLaren 720S: Just how powerful are we talking?

Imagine something really powerful, then double it and add 10. That gives you some idea of the sheer potency of the McLaren 720S, which uses its 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 to generate a staggering 709bhp and 770Nm of torque. Power-to-weight ratio? 553bhp per tonne. Yikes.

2) McLaren 720S: Does that make it a bit speedy?

Huge power does have a tendency to help with performance. In the case of the McLaren 720S, 0-62mph takes 2.9 seconds and the top speed is 212mph. It can also do 0-124mph in 7.8 seconds, 0-186mph in 21.8 seconds and can stop from 200kmh in just 4.6 metres within 117 metres.

3) McLaren 720S: Is it a bit of a bloater?

Actually, no, and it is partly to do with the carbon fibre Monocage II tub and other clever weight-saving measures. Besides improving rigidity, the 720S manages to tip the scales at only 1,283kg, making it more than 150kg lighter than an Audi R8 V10 Plus and 18kg lighter than the 650S.

4) McLaren 720S: What about the tree-hugger stuff?

Supercars are hardly renowned for being green, but the McLaren is said to emit just 249g/km of CO2 from its exhaust, which is rather impressive given the displacement and output of the engine. As for fuel sippage, the combined figure is said to be 26.4mpg. Not that fuel bills will be an issue for the sort of buyer a McLaren attracts.

5) McLaren 720S: Any indication as to handling ability?

Well, McLarens are known for their handling potency and agility and the 720S features a new generation of its Proactive Chassis Control and a new suspension setup so it should be extremely competent. Meanwhile a power-assisted, electro-hydraulic setup provides the steering, which means actual feedback from the front wheels if previous McLarens are anything to go by.

6) McLaren 720S: Where are the intakes?

Who needs air intakes when you have what McLaren calls a ‘double-skin’ that uses the dihedral doors (inspired by the McLaren F1) to funnel cool air over the high-temperature radiators located within that sizable mid-mounted twin-turbo engine? Suffice to say, that eye-catching shape is more than just pretty.

7) McLaren 720S: What about the infotainment stuff?

Forget the old display, the McLaren 720S has been gifted a Central Infotainment Display, which puts all the useful stuff in plain sight. Then there is the digital display behind the carbon fibre steering wheel for telling you how above the speed limit you currently are. Technology done tastefully.

8) McLaren 720S: Guessing the interior is a special?

Who knew orange, grey and black could look so inviting? From the soft-touch materials and finest feathers to the machined aluminium and carbon fibre throughout the sporty cabin, with orange providing a playful edge to the 720S, this is a masterclass in British design. Ferrari who?

9) McLaren 720S: So what is the UK price?

Are you sitting down? You should definitely sit down. The McLaren 720S price in the UK is a mighty £208,600, which means most of us will just have to settle for looking at it longingly and hoping to come into some serious money. Or consider stealing one.

10) McLaren 720S: When can I buy one?

Those with the readies to buy such a vehicle will be pleased to know you can order the McLaren 720S right this second (enjoy choosing between the three purple paintjobs within the configurator). First deliveries are expected as soon as May 2017, so not too long to wait.


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