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McLaren almost ruins 12C with ‘GREAT’ british Livery

McLaren has created a version of its fabulous 12C coupe emblazoned with a special British livery to support and inspire British innovation. It’s a bloody good cause, we think you’ll agree; not to mention a total waste of a bloody good car.

Jenson admirably attempts to avert his gaze from the 'GREAT' new 12C.
Jenson admirably attempts to avert his gaze from the ‘GREAT’ new 12C.

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Look at it. Go on, we’ll wait. On second thoughts don’t. The Union Jack livery and tasteless ‘great’ sun visor sticker has all but ruined it. The poor car.

That said, the Great campaign is certainly worth getting behind. It’s intended to help “reaffirm Britain’s international reputation and deliver long-term economic benefits through additional tourism, investment and….” etc.

The 12C is actually a good ambassador for the campaign, seeing as it was built in the UK at the McLaren Production Centre and uses an impressive British-made 3.8-litre V8 twin turbo engine.

“McLaren is proud to be an ambassador for British innovation and to support the Great campaign,” Martin Whitmarsh, CEO of McLaren Group, is said to have said via press release.

“The UK has led the world in the development of technologies which have changed people’s lives, from the jet engine to the internet. I believe that we are now seeing a resurgence of that pioneering spirit and McLaren is playing its part.

“The McLaren 12C is a tangible embodiment of technological creativity and I hope with that with its GREAT livery it will help draw international attention to what the UK’s high-tech industry is capable of, and inspire young people at home.”

The “innovation is Great” 12C will be taken on tour over the coming months, appearing first on 3rd September at an exclusive McLaren 50 screening of Formula 1 film Rush. It will then lead a procession of rare cars from Buckingham palace to Marlborough House Gardens in the St James’s Palace Concours d’Elegance.

If you value your eyes you’ll avoid those places like the plague  


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