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McLaren P1 LM is as extreme as road-legal hypercars get

Hypercars are, by nature, extreme in their pursuit of performance. But the standard car has been honed to greater levels of absurdity in the form of the McLaren P1 LM edition.

The McLaren P1 LM shares a lot of what made the P1 GTR track-only hypercar such a potent force, but its 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 engine has been retuned by British automotive company Lanzante Motorsport to output 986bhp while running on 99-octane petrol.

60kg of weight has been saved compared with the P1 GTR, thanks to various measures including the use of polycarbonate windows, refabricating the exhaust out of lightweight Inconel and the use of titanium bolts.

Lanzante has also ditched the onboard air-jack system, covered the engine bay in a gold leaf coating like in McLaren F1, added an exposed carbon fibre roof, used Alcantara for the interior and added a bigger front splitter and rear wing for around 40 per cent more downforce.

As for the steering wheel, it is unique to the P1 LM and is a modified version of the one found in the McLaren MP4/23 driven by Lewis Hamilton. Oh and you get five-point seat belts to keep safe in the event it bites back hard.

Each P1 LM will come with a full tool kit (including a torque wrench and wheel socket), diagnostics tablet and a tailored car cover and battery charging system. Owners will also get a 1:8 scale model to put on their desk.

It has to be said, the P1 LM is somewhat overkill for a quick trip to Tesco, but that is unlikely to stop rich petrolheads from attempting to snap up one of just five examples available, with the sixth car being kept by Lanzante.

One car will be available in the dark grey pictured and the other four in a slightly louder orange. No word on an official price, but somewhere considerably upwards of the US$2million for the P1 GTR is likely. Good job you get that toy car free, eh?


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