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Men more likely to pass driving test first time

Men are more likely than women to pass their driving test first time round, according to a survey by price comparison website The website revealed these statistics after a Freedom of Information Act request which asked the Driving Standards Agency to reveal what genders matched up to the driving test pass and fail statistics. 

It revealed that 48 per cent of male motorists passed their driving test first time, compared with 44 per cent of females. According to the site, men take just 6 months to pass their practical driving test, whereas it takes women an average of eight months. Younger drivers are more likely to pass their practical tests first time — the survey revealed that 17 year olds are the most likely to get their license after one test attempt. 51-55 year olds, meanwhile, have 40 per cent more attempts (2.7 attempts) than 17 year olds (1.6 attempts). 

Gemma Stanbury, Head of Car Insurance at, said: “For years, people have argued over whether men or women are the best drivers, and while this is still up for debate, men can now claim at least that they are the quickest learners when they get behind the wheel of the car.”

The average age for someone to pass their driving test is slowly increasing. In 2011 it was 23.1, in 2012 it rose to 23.4, and now in 2013 it is 23.5. 

Do you feel that men are the quickest learners when it comes to passing your driving test? Let us know by posting in the comments below. 


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