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Mercedes G 500 4×4² is a mean, lime green off-roading machine

A smaller but nearly as rugged version of the 6×6 Mercedes G 63 AMG has arrived, complete with the loudest paintjob known to man and a 422hp V8 engine.

The G 500 4×4² uses an amended version of the 6×6’s all-wheel drive system – minus one axle, of course – and attaches it to a G-Class body, resulting in a vehicle capable of handling terrain that would make most off-roaders cry.

It helps the concept G 500 has three lockable differentials, permanent all-wheel drive, a signficantly wider track, optional off-road tyres and portal axles, which allow for 450mm of ground clearance and a wading depth of 1,000mm – 400mm more than the production long-wheelbase G 500.

For when you need extra traction, the G 500 4×4² has special two-piece 18-inch beadlock wheels, which pinch the tyre between the two wheel halves. This allows the tyre pressure to be reduced for better traction without fear of the rubber coming off the rim, even if all air is lost.

A two-piece stainless steel underguard keeps the bottom of the vehicle safe. Meanwhile a clever suspension system allows the driver to use a Sport mode for improved cornering ability and Comfort for better bump absorption, with the swap between one and another taking just 15 milliseconds.

In the engine bay lies a brand new 422hp 4.0-litre V8 Biturbo with a ‘hot inside V’ configuration, which allows the engine to be smaller and spew out lower CO2 emissions. The heavier 6×6 has a 544bhp AMG V8.

Mercedes says the reaction the G 500 4×4² receives will influence whether it reaches production, so tell your friends, family and pets if you truly want a chance to own or see this crazy machine on public roads.





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