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MY18 Nissan 370Z is £30,000 of old-school V6 hooliganism

The new Nissan 370Z has been revealed, but refrain from getting too excited about all the changes because most are purely aesthetic. Still, at least you get a lot of rear-wheel drive sports car for your money, eh?

What can £30,000 buy you? A seventh of a shoebox in London, for one thing. But in car terms, you could can buy you some exciting metal such as the BMW M140i, Toyota GT86 and Abarth 124 Spider. And now it can buy you the MY18 Nissan 370Z.

The new Nissan 370Z is exactly like the outgoing car, except for the fact it gets black door handles (oooh), black rear bumper fascia (more oooh) and dark-tinted headlights and rear lights (excited yet?) – upgrades previously only available to the 370Z Nismo.

You can also have a shiny red metallic paintjob and enjoy seeing brand new 19-inch alloy wheels filling up the 370’s noticeably flared and intimidating arches.

As for technology, the MY18 370Z comes with the NissanConnect Premium infotainment system and seven-inch touchscreen, rear-view camera, navigation and DVD player if you choose the 370Z GT or 370Z Nismo.

Nissan is keen to point out the 370Z remains the only car with Synco Rev Control, which was the world’s first fully synchronised down and up shift rev system for a manual gearbox. On that note, a choice of a six-speed or seven-speed automatic is available.

Rotating the wheels is the job of the same throaty 3.7-litre V6, which means up to 323bhp when you bury the accelerator. Speaking of pedals, Nissan enlisted the help of Exedy to provide a high-performance clutch that reduces the effort needed to use it.

In terms of the more boring stuff, the MY18’s CO2 and fuel economy remains at 248g/km and 26.6mpg, respectively, which means it will be anything but the cheapest car to run, especially if you hoon it everywhere like you should.

The 370Z is the 350Z’s successor and both cars are the modern follow-ups to the 280ZX and 300ZX as well as the first ever Nissan Z car, which was the Fairlady Z (aka the Datsun 240Z) from 1969.

Prices start from £29,185 for the basic MY18 370Z, up £1,560 on the MY16 model including a VED increase of £820, while the 370Z Nismo costs from £39,975. You can order both right now.

MY18 Nissan 370Z pictures


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