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New BMW M5: 10 things you should probably know

BMW has unveiled the new M5 ahead of its big reveal at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. Here is everything worth knowing about the super speedy saloon, including the release date, price and performance figures.

The latest BMW M5 is upon us, which is good news for BMW enthusiasts but not so good for its Mercedes-AMG E 63 S rival, mainly because the power difference has been severely reduced and it uses the tech-savvy new 5 Series as a basis.

A Frankfurt Motor Show reveal is on the cards, but BMW has already spilled most of what is worth knowing, including the power output, torque figure, top speed, 0-62mph time and the price. In Euros, anyway.

We have trawled through the details to bring you the ten of the more useful facts we have learned about the new BMW M5 that you should probably know. Because nobody wants to look uninformed. Just ask Diane Abbott.

1) Same V8 engine, but different

The new BMW M5 retains the same 4.4-litre V8 M TwinPower Turbo engine, except now it has been given two new-developed turbochargers and has been subjected to other ‘significant revisions’, to use BMW’s own words. This includes ultra-efficient indirect charge air cooling and increased fuel injection pressure.

2) You get all the horses

Those changes give the 4.4-litre V8 bi-turbo a power output of 592bhp, almost as much as the Audi RS7, a 40bhp increase on the outgoing M5 and only slightly behind that of the 604bhp Mercedes-AMG E 63 S. Torque, meanwhile, is 553lb/ft (750Nm) from just 1,800rpm. As for the less exciting stuff, CO2 and fuel economy comes in at 241g/km and 26.9mpg, respectively.

3) The 0-62mph is #savage

Naturally, the new M5 is sensationally fast. On paper, at least. 0-62mph now takes 3.4 seconds and 0-124mph (200kmh) happens in 11.1 seconds. Sunday drivers will never be a problem again. As for the top speed, it’s either limited to 155mph (as per usual) or you can take it up to 189mph if you pay extra for the M Driver’s Package.

4) All-wheel drive is standard

Yeah, the days of permanent rear-wheel drive are dying in BMW land. The new M5 features xDrive, which means power to all wheels. This can be done with Dynamic Stability Control on or off, the latter there for the truly brave motorist or track days. In fact, there are five configurations to choose between.

5) Two-wheel drive is possible

Okay, so the addition of xDrive hasn’t quite killed rear-wheel drive. One of the three M xDrive modes is called 2WD and this puts all power to the rear wheels – like old times. Certain 4WD modes actually also push power to the rear wheels as you leave a corner to provide some slidey slidey action so it would be unfair to assume the new M5 will be terrible at drifting.

6) Drivelogic lets you take more control

The ‘specially tuned’ M Steptronic eight-speed transmission with Drivelogic provides two different styles of driving. In D mode, it changes gears automatically so you can sit back and relax. But for a more hands-on experience, it is possible to swap to a sequential mode and change up or down using the lever in the centre console or paddles on the steering wheel.

7) Spot the difference

The new M5 is somewhat similar to the outgoing M5 in terms of looks, but you do get a carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) roof as standard, complete with contoured lines. It also gets larger air intakes and the side panels have been broadened for a more aggressive look and improved airflow for the brakes and cooling systems.

8) Stop, in the name of safety

Rather than use conventional cast iron brakes, the new M5 has M compound brakes that are said to be lighter. Blue-painted six-piston calipers, meanwhile, provide the stopping power needed to tame all of those horses. Carbon ceramic brakes with gold calipers can be had for reducing the issue of brake fade and also save 23kg of weight, if you are happy up fronting a lot of extra cash.

9) One special edition M5 coming right up

400 BMW M5 First Edition cars will be available worldwide to the first 400 customers who buy the special edition, which comes in Frozen Dark Red Metallic and, according to BMW, is ‘exclusively appointed’. Yours for an extra €19,500.

10) It costs this much to buy

Ah yes, the price of the new M5. Expect to pay from €117,900 for the new M5, which can be ordered from September, 2017. Buyers will see their car arrive from spring 2018, assuming all goes to plan. We hope to test drive it later this year ─ keep your eyes peeled.


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