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New Nissan Qashqai specs and images

Nissan has revealed full details of the new Nissan Qashqai, having released a fair few teaser shots designed to whet our compact crossover whistles.

The Qashqai has been a huge critical and commercial success, which means the pressure is on for the latest model. Fortunately, it happens to be more efficient and technologically advanced than its predecessor.

The car has been given a styling refresh and is 20mm wider, 49mm longer and 15mm lower than the outgoing Qashqai. We think it looks all the better for it; although Kia might not be too pleased it appears to borrow quite liberally from the Sportage. 

Four engines will be available, with three offered at launch. In the petrol camp there’s a turbocharged 1.2-litre DIG-T that offers 113bhp and 190Nm of torque and a more powerful 1.6-litre DIG-T that outputs 148bhp and 240Nm. Fuel consumption is 50.9mpg and 50.4mpg, respectively.

Both engines are more eco-friendly when it comes to CO2 emissions. The 1.2-litre spews out 129g/km of the stuff (15g/km less than the 1.6-litre engine it replaces), while the 1.6-litre voms an additional 3g/km. The latter engine will become available in the Autumn of 2014.

There are also two diesels if you want to be ultra-frugal. A 1.5dCi emits a mere 99g/km of CO2 while achieving 74.3mpg. It has 20Nm more torque than the old 1.5dCi and 113bhp. The top-of-the-line 1.6dCi has 128bhp and returns 64.2mpg and 115g/km of CO2.

A choice of two- or four-wheel drive is available for the 1.6dCi as well as the new Xtronic CVT transmission, which Nissan claims offers “ultra-smooth low-load power delivery and direct performance during higher acceleration driving”.

All engines benefit from fuel-saving technologies such as a regenerative alternator and Stop/Start technology.

Boot space has been increased by 20 litres to 430 with the rear seats up. There’re also deeper cup holders and some ambient lighting to brighten your day. Or night.

New features for the Qashqai include full LED headlights, Intelligent Parking Assist to help you parallel park, Chassis Control that helps with composure in corners, Moving Object Detection, Lane Departure Warning and Driver Attention for detecting if you are drowsy.

A full list of specs and trim levels will be released nearer February 2014, which is when the new Qashqai will go on sale in the UK. We expect prices to be announced soon.

Nissa Qashqai images


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