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New Porsche 911 GT to focus on driving pleasure

Porsche is planning a brand new ‘pure’ 911 GT model that will swap a focus on dominating tracks with sheer driving fun, it has been reported.

The Porsche 911 GT will sit somewhere between the RS models that are designed to tear around circuits and the GT cars, which are meant to be softer for everyday use. Its sole purpose will be to maximise feeling, response and driver interaction, according to Autocar.

To that end, it will have a manual gearbox – a first since the 997 generation in 2011 – as well as less of a focus on aerodynamics. Skinny, less grippy tyres and revisions to the chassis, meanwhile, are expected to make the on-limit abilities more accessible. Less frightening, then.

The logic behind the car is simple. The gap between RS and GT is too wide for one model to fill, so a halfway point between the two would potentially tick both the performance and driver fun boxes.

Autocar believes a non-turbocharged 3.8-litre seen in the GT3 is the most likely engine candidate. It added that Porsche has trademarked the GT5 name, but using it would make little sense as it would sit below the Cayman GT4. So what it will be called is anyone’s guess.

There’s little chance we will see the 911 GT until 2016 at the earliest, mainly because the second-generation 911 was caught during testing and so a 2015 reveal is likely. So for now speculate away on what to expect.

Watch the 911 GT3 RS in action here.

Would you like to see a 911 that wants to be fun? Let us know.


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