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News presenters find out a flood victim is stuck in a tree live on air

Being calm in the face of adversity is easier said than done, but one man just wowed viewers when it came to light he was the victim of extreme flooding live on air.

Kerry Packer was thought to be home safe after being caught in the flooding in Austin, Texas. But only when KVUE news anchors asked how him and his wife were, it came to light Packer was still stuck in a tree.

Packer begins by explaining his situation: “Basically I was just driving down the road when there was what I thought was a little bit of water and I was just driving through it like I would and it swept my car sideways and then almost tipped me over… It probably swept me about half a mile.”

“The car was almost filled with water… I jumped out of window and climbed up a tree so I’m about 20-feet up a tree right now.”

At this point the news anchors – who were presumably told Packer was safe at home by researchers – are in utter disbelief: “Wait, you are still in the tree?”

“Yeah, I’m about 20-feet up in a tree”, Packer reiterates in such a laid back fashion you forget he’s sitting above a raging torrent of water that just submerged his car.

As the interview continues, the news anchors seem even more shocked by the whole thing to the point where they forget they are in a position to call for help. Packer, meanwhile, remains cool as a cucumber and mentions he had boy scouts training and is keeping warm.

The whole interview research process seems to have failed miserably. For instance, at the start of the interview the news anchor asks “how are you and your husband doing?”, assuming Kerry is the his wife’s name in the process. It then transpires she (Cecilia) is at home.

Prior to the on-air phone call, news report claim the wife had swam to safety and that the husband has not been so lucky.

Some internet viewers said it was stupid for Packer to call a new channel instead of 911, but others pointed out it was a great way for emergency service workers to find out his location, especially when the video started getting serious viewing numbers.

Now you’re probably wondering if Packer is still stuck. Well, the good news is that KVUE tweeted the fact Packer had been rescued. The bad news is the car may not have been so lucky.

Kerry Packer Live Phone Interview video



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