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Nissan GT-R Track Pack is a GT-R on ‘roids

The Nissan GT-R is one of the most insane supercars on the road, but it’s obviously not mental enough for Nissan. The company’s made a more ‘focused’ version known as the GT-R Track Pack.

The Nissan GT-R Track Pack is lighter, more agile and more expensive than the standard GT-R.
The Nissan GT-R Track Pack is lighter, more agile and more expensive than the standard GT-R.

The GT-R Track Pack isn’t a ‘pack’ in the traditional sense. It’s a whole new spec of GT-R that promises to be faster, lighter, more agile and — on the whole — significantly more insane than the standard car.

Performance statistics remain unchanged. The GT-R Track Pack still has access to 550PS (542bhp) and will do 0-62mph in 2.8 seconds. However, it should knock a few tenths off your lap time thanks to stiffer suspension aimed at improving body control whilst out on track. When you’re not shredding tarmac, the car’s active damper setup lets the driver cycle between race-firm and a more spine-friendly mode at the flick of a switch.

While you’re trying desperately to stick to the racing line, you won’t need to worry about being buffeted around, as the GT-R Track Pack includes new sports seats made of ‘magic cloth’. This special fabric boasts higher friction than the leather you find in most sports cars, allowing occupants to ‘stick’ to the seats better during hard cornering. Or at least that’s what Nissan tells us. The (rather useless) rear seats have been removed.

The GT-R Track Pack benefits from better brakes. It uses the same discs and calipers, but they can be worked harder than those in in the standard car due to better cooling. A set of ducts built into the carbon front splitter help reduce the operating temperature by as much as 100 degrees when being pushed hard on a track. The rear brakes also benefit from similar levels of ventilation.

Despite being so hardcore, the GT-R Track Pack will feature a host of luxuries including more comfortable seat belts, a meaty Bose audio system and the delightful Gran Turismo-inspired dashboard display that lets you see how many G you’re pulling on track, or whose cat you might be running over whilst reversing.

The Track Pack will be available in the UK and Japan, priced at £10,000 more than the ‘ordinary’ £74,450 GT-R.


The GT-R Track Pack has less forgiving suspension, but that should help you improve your lap time.

Lighter RAYS wheels help the GT-R Track Pack shed 10Kg.

The GT-R Track Pack's 'magic seats' stop your bum sliding all over the place



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