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Nissan Nismo Smart Watch Concept revealed

Nissan has announced a Nismo Smart Watch Concept that will go on show at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The gadget is designed to allow owners of Nissan’s high-performance Nismo range to interact with their vehicles in new ways.

The Nismo watch lets you know how fast or efficiently you've been driving.
The Nismo watch lets you know how fast or efficiently you’ve been driving.

Specifically, the Nissan Nismo Smart Watch will allow drivers to keep track of their average speed, top speed and fuel consumption, access vehicle telematics while on a track and it’ll even issue reminders about when to book scheduled maintenance.

The Nismo Watch also performs tasks that aren’t related to motoring. It can connect to the user’s smartphone via a dedicated app and will monitor how often he or she uses Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, rewarding you with a ‘Twitter Speed’ score based on how vocal you are.

It also has a built in heart rate monitor, can access weather reports via a Bluetooth link with your smartphone and, we imagine, tell the time. Nissan quotes a battery life of seven days, after which the device can be recharged via micro USB.

The Nissan Nismo Smart Watch is available in three colours – red, black and white – and is packaged in a bespoke box finished in Nismo tyre rubber.

Officially, the Nismo Smart Watch is just a concept so there’s no price or release date to speak of but we’ll let you know if that changes.  

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