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Nvidia Drive CX virtual cockpit hands-on review at CES 2015

Nvidia’s ridiculously powerful Tegra X1 chip is the star behind its feature-packed Drive CX virtual cockpit. We’ve had a play at CES 2015 and we’re already psyched to give it a test drive when it’s rolled out in final production cars.

Nvidia used CES 2015 to launch its new Tegra X1 mobile processor, which packs a frankly insane 256 cores to deliver arguably the best performance of any mobile chipset, and thankfully it hasn’t stopped there.

You’ll find two of the Tegra X1 chips packed into its new Drive CX virtual cockpit, which delivers all of the info you could possibly need straight to your dashboard and instrument cluster, as well as smart control over all of your vehicle’s main features.

For a start the Full HD display in the indstrument cluster offers virtual dials for speed and revs per minute, as well as feedback on how much petrol is sat in your tank, but you can throw a massive variety of other info onto the instruments.

Navigate through the Drive CX’s extensive features list using the steering wheel controls and you’ll find 3D navigation support and real-time travel news, to get you where you need to go in a timely fashion. The mapping is particularly impressive and can be used full-screen or positioned off to the side, with full voice feedback like any good satnav system. You also get total control over your car’s other functions, such as the air con and your music.

If you’re not a fan of parking, there’s full driver assistance on hand, with a realistic representation of your vehicle and an accurate portrayal of your surroundings thrown onto the display to help you slip into any tight parking spot. It’s surprisingly smooth and a serious upgrade on a simple rear-facing camera, giving you a seamless glimpse of every obstacle surrounding your car.

We’ll bring you a full, extensive review of the Drive CX virtual cockpit when the system hits the UK in early 2015.


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