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Open Sight laser sat-nav for bicycles keeps your eyes on the road

Sattelite navigation systems designed for cyclists are a great idea for getting from A to B. Sadly, taking your eyes off the road to look at those tiny screens could result in an accident and a trip to A&E.

Fortunately, designer and inventor Kim Tae-Jin’s Open Sight concept could make bike-based GPS use far safer. Rather than put travel instructions on a screen the size of a postage stamp and out of your direct line of sight, the handlebar-mounted, laser-based Open Sight device projects directions on the floor ahead of you so you are always looking where you are going.

Like traditional GPS systems, Open Sight can also project other information such as speed, traffic conditions and distance to destination. The beam also has the added effect of illuminating the road ahead, thereby helping you spot obstacles you may not have seen. Obviously, any bicycle shining a giant laser on the floor will also be far more visible to other road users. 

Power comes from kinetic energy generated by cycling so no batteries are needed.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a laser-based bicycle gadget. Back in December 2012 we reported on Bike Zone, a laser projector gizmo that beams red triangles onto the road to indicate your intended direction of travel.

At this stage Open Sight is, sadly, just a concept but here’s hoping TomTom, or one of the other big manufacturers joins forces with Kim Tae-Jin to bring this thing to market.

Until then, those of you with a burning desire to have lasers on your bike should check out SLANCIO.

Source and image: Yanko Design 



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