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Parrot RNB 6 hands-on review at CES 2015

We check out the Parrot RNB 6, a clever dashboard infotainment system that is unique in its ability to support both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Parrot’s chunky RNB 6 car stereo offering is one of the more exciting in-car devices we’ve seen out in Vegas this week, bringing Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to any vehicle you happen to drive, meaning it should play nice with an iPhone and Android device.

The RNB 6’s crisp and bright 7-inch 720p display gives you access to a suitably dense selection of features. There’s full control over your vehicle’s main features of course, from the stereo to the aircon, so you have a single point of focus when you want to fiddle around with settings.

You also have on-board diagnostics (OBD2) with a 2-DIN receiver, which gives you all kinds of feedback about your car, such as tyre pressure, oil levels and remaining petrol – although not all of these features will be compatible with every car out there.

Along with the diagnostics, the RNB 6 also gives you a parking assist feature, which shows you the view from each side of your car – wherever you have cameras set up, basically. That’s in addition to an FM/AM and digital tuner connection for good-old radio.

We also checked out Parrot’s Drive Assist feature, which gives you extensive feedback on recent journeys in a smart and intuitive interface. You can see exactly how much petrol you burned through and the route taken, so you know if the other half has been making any cheeky stops at the pub on the way home from work. Or settle an argument on which route is quicker.

Music fans will love the insane amount of customisation you have over your car’s audio setup, allowing you to tailor the sound exactly how you like it, including balance and fading from each individual speaker. You can even share your final configuration with the world, allowing fellow drivers to make use of your set-up for their specific car and get great music playback with zero effort.

A bundled wide-angle dashboard cam, meanwhile, allows you to record every journey, with funky features like TimeLapse thrown in so you can capture your full crawl up the M1 at half a mile per hour. Or for proof of blame if you are involved in an accident.

Lastly, there’s a call feature that allows you to dial out or accept calls using your hands-free kit. So no need excuse to get on the wrong side of the law. The Parrot RNB 6 also comes with an HDMI input, ethernet and 5GHz Wi-Fi so the connection options are plentiful.

The Parrot RNB 6 should be hitting the UK in Q2 2015. A bit of a wait, then, but it should be worth it as this looks like a truly exceptional car stereo.

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