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Parrot tells police owner is drunk

Motorist put in jail for drink-driving after pet parrot blabs.

They say you should never bite the hand that feeds. It seems this particular saying meant little to one parrot, which decided to blurt out to police its owner was inebriated at the wheel. No cracker for Polly.


Guillermo Reyes was out for a drive, according to, when he was stopped at an alcohol checkpoint in Mexico City. Just as police removed Reyes from the car reports say the parrot shouted (can parrots shout?): “He’s drink! He’s Drunk!”

Turns out the parrot was telling the truth. Police performed a sobriety test on Reyes at the scene, which he failed, and so he had to spend a night in the slammer before he could be released.

Exactly why Reyes was travelling with the unnamed gobby bird remains unclear. We do know, however, the bird that couldn’t keep its beak shut joined Reyes in jail because it was feared he would die if abandoned.

Arguably police would probably have found out Reyes was drunk without the help of old beaky in the back, but that still doesn’t explain the sudden bout of revenge. Whatever the reason, it was probably the right thing to do given that drink-driving can have tragic consequences.

No word on whether Reyes has forgiven his winged companion. We’re guessing he will leave him at home for future boozy adventures.


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