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Police warn of jaywalking otters

Police are warning motorists not to run over a pair of Welsh otters prone to jaywalking. 

“Don’t squash the otter” might sound like a euphemism (if you’re particularly filthy) but it’s a warning police are asking drivers to heed after discovering a pair of unusually bold otters that are very prone to jaywalking. Though it may sound like a filthy euphemism, drivers are being asked to take care not to run over a pair of unusually bold otters.

Motorists have been warned to watch out for otters
Motorists have been warned to watch out for otters
Motorists have been warned to watch out for otters

Otters are commonly known to be very private creatures, avoiding any contacts with humans. Yet, this brother-and-sister double act have developed more sociable personalities; swimming and eating in and around locals and visitors, on the banks of the Dyfi Estuary, reportedly attracted by the variety of grub on offer in the small Welsh village of Aberdyfi.

The river mammals have reportedly swapped their swimming for sauntering around Aberdyfi streets. It appears they’ve been spotted playing a couple of games of ‘chicken’ and the local council is worried their new-found courage will lead to their demise.

Experts are most surprised by the otters.

Zoologist Dr Elizabeth Andres told the BBC: “You have to be very lucky to see otters normally. They have a home range of 15 miles (24km) for male otters, so the chances of you coinciding with an otter are pretty remote. With these otters, you can talk in terms of feet, maybe 10ft (3m). It is totally unbelievable.”

Otters may look cute but they are still wild, despite their tame temperaments, warns Neil Storkey, town councillor. The council have been prompted to issue a warning to motorists to look out for the creatures; in particular, the male, who is especially nonchalant about the dangers of passing cars.

This isn’t the first time furry beasts of the wild have tried to tangle with metal beasts of the road: police in India arrested twelve goats for vandalism earlier this year

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