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Production McLaren P1 GTR: You need to see these images

The drip-feed of information on the McLaren P1 GTR is starting to get interesting as we now have loads of images of the production car. You know, the actual car people far, far richer than you will get to drive.

Besides the fresh pictures, McLaren has also let a few new details out of the bag. Sadly there’s still no word on just how much faster this track-only P1 GTR is versus the standard hybrid hypercar, but read on anyway.

Owners of the P1 GTR will be treated to McLaren’s P1 Driver Programme, which includes a race seat fitting, Human Performance Centre assessment, individual driver profiling sessions at McLaren’s technology centre and a chinwag about the car.

Better still, owners will get a test session at Silverstone in England followed by track shenanigans at the Circuit de Catalunya in Spain, having undergone some practice in the P1 GTR simulator.

The P1 GTR, for the uninitiated, is essentially a much more bonkers version of the P1 GTR, hence the massive fixed-height rear wing for 10 per cent more downforce at 150mph, twin-exit exhaust made from Iconel and titanium and the removal of unnecessary weight. Honestly, the cockpit has more exposed wires than Maplins.

The same hybrid 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 petrol and electric motor are present and correct, only in the P1 GTR there’s an extra 86bhp to play with, bringing the total to 986bhp. Suffice to say, 0 to 62mph is likely to take less than 2.8 seconds and the top speed will be well over 200mph.

Those wanting the ultimate McLaren and the ultimate McLaren driving experience short of a day in a Formula One car will need to front up around £2million for the privilege. Expect more details when the P1 GTR debuts in Geneva in March.

Production McLaren P1 GTR pictures and video


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