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Pulling wheelies on a superbike on public roads is a bad idea

Here at Recombu Cars we’re all for the thrill of danger, but sometimes people go too far. Proving our point nicely is a group of bikers taking part in the annual three-day ‘Ride of the Century’ event in the USA.

A video from one of the bikers shows a rider demonstrating various forms of the wheelie while riding on a public highway. It’s all going swimmingly until he decides to speed up. Before you know it, he’s collided with another biker, fallen over and suddenly everyone’s going down like flies.

A number of riders are seen venting their frustration as the idiocy of one or two results in a fairly big pile-up – consisting of ego-dented riders and bits of metal that, only seconds ago, were part of a superbike.

Motorbikes are dangerous enough because of bad drivers in cars without 70mph wheelies making things worse. Probably best to keep your stunts off the road or risk ending up in a YouTube video titled ‘epic fail’ or something to that effect.

Check out two viewpoints of the crashes below, folks. Still got a craving for YouTube gold and time to burn? Feast your peepholes on our round-up of the most extreme road rage moments.

Streetfighterz ROC 2014 Big Wreck video


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