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Really big truck jumps over a Formula One car

If you watch one video of a truck jumping over a Formula One car, make it this one. It’s just as ridiculous as it sounds.

The video shows an EMC and Lotus F1 Team truck jump a record-breaking 83 feet and seven inches, making it the longest truck jump ever recorded. That’s roughly a quarter of a football pitch, which is impressive for a vehicle that usually spends its days lugging around very heavy loads.

Amazingly, the Renault Magnum truck lands without tipping over and relatively few bits fall off, having passed over a very brave driver in the Formula One car. It’s fair to say there were few dress rehearsals before the record attempt took place.

Reports say the driver of the truck is a stuntman who has worked on the Fast & Furious movies. Well, it was never going to be Barry from accounts at the wheel, was it?

EMC – a Lotus F1 sponsor – setup the stunt to ‘demonstrate how we redefine motorsports and set a new world record in the process’. It is unclear whether the record attempt was official. Scroll on down to watch and be amazed.

Speaking of Formula One, British driver Louis Hamilton was crowned the 2014 season world champion after a podium finish at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Congratulations, that man.

Update: We have been told the stunt was, in fact, an official record. Thanks, David Lawless.


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