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Recombu Awards 2015: Best Family Car

What is the Best Family Car of 2015? Find out what took home this year’s Recombu Cars award and why here – then try telling us we’re wrong.

2015 has been a fantastic year for family cars, with new and updated models alike offering more bang for your buck, superior safety systems and increasingly frugal engines.

Creating a shortlist was difficult enough in itself, especially when it included the likes of the brilliant Skoda Superb, the Range Rover-rivalling Volvo XC90 and the British-built Jaguar XE.

BMW offended our eyes with the 2 Series Gran Tourer yet brought a premium family car to the market that handles far better than its proportions would suggest, while Ford proved the B-Max workhorse still has massive appeal. 

Our winner is the Qashqai-rivalling Hyundai Tucson.

Not only is the most basic Hyundai Tucson well-equipped and excellent value for money, it looks fresh, has plenty of cabin space and gives you a strong suite of safety systems out of the box, which is exactly what you want when ferrying loved ones around.

For those reasons and the fact it drives better than some of its pricier rivals makes it deserving of our 2015 Recombu Cars Best Family Car award. 

Winner: Hyundai Tucson


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