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Joyride: Fernando Alonso vs an ordinary bloke

Fenando Alonso is faster than you, and I and half the Formula 1 grid — or so we’re told. I recently got the chance to test this theory when I pit my driving skills against the great man around Ferrari’s Fiorano test circuit using identical 458 Italias.

Obviously Fernando wasn’t there to hand me my backside in person — the man has bigger fish to fry — but seeing as we’ve both completed flying laps of the legendary track and recorded our laps, we can utilise the magic of technology to see just how quick a two-time world champion F1 driver is compared to myself — just an ordinary bloke who learned how to drive with a computer game. 

As you’ll see in the video, Nando is a bit tasty around Fiorano — and so he should be. The man spends half his life at here, honing Ferrari’s Formula 1 cars and providing valuable input into the development of the company’s road cars. He also owns a 458 Italia, so he can set blistering lap times with his eyes closed, one hand on the wheel and the other percolating an espresso.

I, on the other hand, am rubbish. My only experience at Fiorano was to take part in Ferrari’s excellent Pilota sport driving course, where I received expert tuition from Ferrari’s crack squad of current and former racing drivers. However, even with said tuition, I still fell short of Alonso’s masterful driving.

Have a look at the video to see how an ordinary Joe stacks up against a legend, and let us know if you think you can do better in the comments below.




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