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Renault Megane RX: Feast your eyes on the Prodrive-built rallycross car

Motorsport gurus Prodrive and Monster Energy stunt driver Guerlain Chicherit have announced a partnership that will result in an all-new rally machine for the 2018 FIA World Rallycross.

The Renault Megane RX will be based on the Megane IV, but designed from the ground up by Prodrive to meet the latest World RX regulations at its headquarters in Banbury, England.

A bespoke 2.0-litre turbocharged engine will power the Megane RX. Unconfirned but likely because of regulations is the fact it will weigh around 1,300kg, generate around 600bhp and put that power through a four-wheel drive system with few driving aids to tame it.

The plan is to unveil the Renault Megane RX at the 2017 World Rallycross round on the 1st of September, 2017, in Loheac of France. Testing will happen on ‘select rounds’ throughout the year to get the car ready for a 2018 season opener.

This is actually the second rally car Prodrive has developed in recent years, having built the Mini WRX in 2013 for the Global Rallycross Championship, which won the X Games Munich on its debut.

Chicherit was a former free skiing world champion and has since become an FIA Cross Country Rally World Cup winner and a world record-breaking stunt driver. He has even had time to start his own team, GCK, which will debut in 2018, and has raced in the grueling Dakar rally.

“It is extremely encouraging to hear that Guerlain will be entering his own team into the FIA World Rallycross Championship using Prodrive’s years of expert knowledge and experience to design the new MeganeRX, said World RX managing director for IMG, Paul Bellamy.

“Guerlain is an extremely experienced athlete and we look forward to welcoming him and his new team to our sport full-time from next year,” he added.

Though few details of the Renault Megane RX have been released, we can at least show you some pictures of the thing. Here’s hoping it performs as mean as it looks.

Renault Megane RX pictures


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