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Renault Twin’Run concept pictures reveal great grandkid of the Renault 5 Turbo

Renault has busted out a sporty new concept car just before lights out at the 2013 Monaco Grand Prix. Say “Bonjour” to the Twin’Run, a mid-engined sports hatch that pays homage to the iconic Renault 5 Turbo, an 80s favourite, and its successor the Clio V6.

Could this end up being the 'new' Renault 5 Turbo?
Could this end up being the ‘new’ Renault 5 Turbo?

The styling is a head-turning combination of French Blue and red, with additional flourishes including bold red and white lines and squared off, rally-style fog lights. Also, look at that exhaust — it’s bonkers.

The Twin’Run isn’t simply for posing in, it talks the talk, too. The car has an unladen weight of 950kg thanks to a glass-polyester composite body and competition-friendly tubular steel chassis. The mid-engined layout, under-bonnet positioning of the fuel tank, radiator and hydraulic system combine to facilitate a 43:57 weight distribution.

Bizarrely, Renault says the aerodynamics of the car creates “lift at high speeds”. Deliberate upforce in a sports car? How very… French.

Power is provided by a 320hp V6 engine borrowed from the Megane Trophy racer, all channeled through a six-speed gearbox. Renault claims a 0-62mph time of 4.5 seconds and a top speed of 155mph. For reference, the Clio V6 did 0-62mph in 5.9s and maxed out at 153mph.

The Twin’Run’s cabin is basic, but not completely devoid of luxury thanks to a 5.5-inch LED screen that displays the usual indicators: fuel level, tyre and oil pressures.

Predictably, Renault has no plans to build the Twin’Run — it’s purely for show. That said, it could one day inspire the release of a Twingo RS or similar. Check out the pictures below and let us know whether it honours the memory of the 5 Turbo or spits on its grave.

Renault Twin’Run Concept Pictures

Square rally-style lights show the car's performance intent.
Square rally-style lights show the car’s performance intent.

The Twin'Run was shown off during the 2013 Monaco Grand Prix weekend.

Renault has no official plans to build the Twin'Run.


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