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Road rage is main cause of ‘accident anxiety’

A whopping 79 per cent of British drivers suffer from ‘accident anxiety’, according to new research from Allianz Insurance.

Do you worry about crashing your car while out driving? You’re not alone. New research from Allianz Insurance has revealed 29 million British drivers believe a car crash is just round the corner. The insurance company has named the worry of crashing ‘accident anxiety’. 

45 per cent of the drivers surveyed felt tailgaters were the biggest cause of range anxiety, while 41 per cent believed blamed road rage. 29 per cent, meanwhile, said it was to do with the large number of uninsured drivers at large on British roads.

17 per cent of drivers even went as far as admitting they had opted out of making a journey because of their fear of crashing. 81 per cent of drivers said they had been involved in car accidents that were not their fault.

“It’s worrying to see that so many motorists feel they will have an accident, and yet so few feel more driver training would help,” Allianz Insurance CEO Jon Dye commented.

Mr Dye added: “Tailgating, ‘road rage’ and uninsured drivers can all cause accidents and contribute to the claims costs faced by insurers at a time when the industry is looking to bring down premium in a sensible way for customers.”

James Gibson, of Road Safety GB, said of the issue: “Actions like tailgating and aggressive driving behaviour can be particularly intimidating. Motorists need to find ways of coping with the actions of others when they get behind the wheel.”

Mr Gibson advised not to react to aggressive drivers as this can cause a collision. Have a peek at our 12 most extreme road rage videos to see what can happen if you give in to anger.

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