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Rory Reid: 15 things you should know about the new Top Gear presenter

Chris Evans just announced the five presenters who will join him on Top Gear, one of which is Recombu Cars editor-in-chief Rory Reid. Here are 15 things you need to know about him. 

1) Sometimes he writes poetry about cars

Because sometimes talking just isn’t enough.

2) He once rode an unusual mobility scooter

Boy got skills.

3) He also tried to lift a car with velcro

Rest in piece, Peugeot 205.

4) Batman is a close friend

So don’t get on his bad side.

5) He’s been reviewing cars and gadgets for a while

You may not know who he is, but he’s been reviewing cars for the Recombu Cars YouTube channel for some time. He also tried to steal petrol in broad daylight and no one cared.

6) He proved Range Rovers are built to last

Turns out underwater bollards are not your friend.

7) The Jaguar F-Type made him really angry

But he’s actually a pretty chill guy. Unless you try to steal hummus from him.

8) He really, really likes the BMW i8

The perfect sports car? Rory thinks so.

9) Jumping into convertibles isn’t his forté

Smooth operator.

10) His public audition landed him the Top Gear job

See, those public auditions weren’t just a publicity stunt. Although to be fair, he’s not your typical example of Joe Public, but there you go.

11) He’s the editor-in-chief of Recombu and Recombu Cars

Which means he’s the boss. Lovely bloke (cheque to the usual address). He will still be the boss even though he’s on Top Gear and will still create car reviews for the Recombu Cars YouTube channel. So fear not, fans.

12) He started his journalism career writing about computers

Humble beginnings, huh. The south-east Londoner began his writing career for a Personal Computer World magazine, making use of his technology and video gaming expertise. This lead to working for CNET, where he launched its Car Tech channel, and a stint on BBC Radio 5 Live.

13) He likes a big… laptop

20-inches big. And he’s not afraid to wield it on the London Underground.

14) He was once on Games Master

A keen gamer as a youth, Reid once appeared on the iconic Games Master show.

15) He’s a big fan of British luxury motoring

But his daily driver is a Ford Focus. Onwards and upwards, hey.

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