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Sebastian Vettel stars in Kung Fu video alongside Celina Jade

Sebastian Vettel has appeared in a Kung Fu video alongside martial arts actress Celina Jade. No, seriously. The world champion Formula 1 driver took some time out during the Chinese Grand Prix weekend to flex his fighting muscles in a short clip called Kung Fu Vettel: Drive of the Dragon.

Vettel prepares to unleash his finger of fury in Drive of the Dragon.
Vettel prepares to unleash his finger of fury in Drive of the Dragon.

The film is a part of the “Inspired Performers” series — a multi-part Infiniti marketing exercise that will show Vettel and his team mate Mark Webber exchanging skills with a variety of performers not normally associated with Formula 1.

In this, the first of several clips, Vettel trades roles with martial arts actress Celina Jade. The film begins with Jade driving the two-time world champion through a Chinese suburb in an Infiniti FX50 S. When Jade decides to take a detour, the two come across a man being chased by a group of people.

Rather than minding their own business, or asking questions to figure out what’s going on, Jade and Vettel open several cans of whup-flavoured ass on everyone in sight. At one point, Vettel picks up one grown man’s legs and uses them to thwack two other blokes in the face. Later, he uses the rear seat belts of the FX50 to tie a man in knots, before delivering a cheesy one-liner. Jade, then has a bit of a girl fight with a woman we’re sure had nothing to do with the original altercation.

Of course, it’s all just a bit of good (extremely cheesy fun). It’s incredibly difficult to take Sebastian seriously, as he’s about as intimidatingly as a cheese roll, but it’s always nice to see Celina throwing violent shapes.

Watch the video below to see Seb and Jade in action and, as ever, feel free to vent your spleen in our comments or on our Facebook page.


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