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Shelby Focus ST is a driver-focussed ‘masterpiece’

Shelby American has channeled its considerable modding talents to create a new high-performance version of the Ford Focus ST. The Shelby Focus ST, unveiled at the 2013 Detroit Motor Show, isn’t any more powerful than the standard car, but features a host of mechanical upgrades that should make it a more responsive, track-focussed vehicle.

Shelby will take your Focus ST off you and return in this most awesome of conditions -- for a price.
Shelby will take your Focus ST off you and return in this most awesome of conditions — for a price.

The Shelby Focus ST features Ford Racing suspension components that lower the ride height and help the car remain flat through corners, while upgraded wheels and tyres boost grip. Larger Shelby-spec brakes with drilled discs purportedly improve stopping power, while a Shelby/Borla exhaust provides a slightly more aggressive look and, most likely, sound. 

Overall, these upgrades aren’t fast enough to help the Shelby Focus ST outrun the standard car in a straight line drag race, but the improved cornering and stopping power mean its lap times should be a shade quicker than the bog standard model’s. In Shelby’s words, it is a ‘driver-focussed masterpiece’.

The Shelby Focus ST is instantly recognisable thanks to a choice of none-too-subtle exterior finishes. Our favourite is the chequered flag motif that, with Ford’s Tangerine Scream orange paint job, make the car look like a high-speed New York taxi or a crash test dummy on wheels.

Whichever paint finish you opt for, the Shelby Focus ST will come with ‘hydro-carbon’ front and rear grille inserts (boomerang-shaped at the front, horizontally-opposed at the rear), a hydro-carbon spoiler and bonnet vents to cool the carbon-clad engine bay. The cabin is appointed in a Shelby-branded custom interior.

The Shelby Focus ST can be yours for a mere $14,995 (£9,378) although you’ll have to supply your own Focus ST, which will set you back in the region of £23,000. Check out the pictures below.



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