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Subaru WRX concept coming to UK

If you were saddened by the news of Subaru discontinuing the old WRX, this might cheer you up. The iconic rally car and boy racer favourite is back and looking better than ever.

Set to be shown off at the forthcoming Frankfurt Motor Show, the WRX Concept promises a ‘wider, lower and sleeker profile’, and has more than a hint of Jaguar about the front end. The recognisable WRX bonnet scoop and bulge are in place, along with  a bonkers rear-diffuser and that all-important all-wheel-drive system that helped make Subaru famous.

Subaru has offered scant information on concept, but expect it to use an intercooled turbo petrol engine that, with a bit of luck, will chuck out no fewer than 300 horses.

At this time, the 2014 Subaru WRX is still unconfirmed for release in the UK market, but it is being considered. Given the Brits’ love affair with Scoobies, we think it’d make jolly good sense to unleash it on our fair isles.

On the subject of grand unveilings, Subaru also plans to show off the Viziv Concept, a weird-looking crossover that packs a 2.0-litre diesel engine and two electric motors, one for each rear wheel.

Subaru will reveal all at the Frankfurt motor show on September 10th. Stick around for all the juicy details. Until then, let us know if the WRX is a yay or nay.


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