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Sunrise Tracking lets you stop car thieves with a simple text message

It is believed by many that successful people have a knack for turning negatives into positives. Well that’s what young Kenyan entrepreneur Kelvin Macharia did with the formation of Sunrise Tracking — a company that allows you to stop car thieves with a single text message. 

The technology is beautifully simple. Cars are equipped with cellular technology and an electronic immobiliser. When a text is sent to the car’s unique number, the immobiliser kicks in to stop the car dead in its tracks. A second text message can make the car driveable again.

Macharia formed the company after a family member’s car was stolen in a carjacking in Nairobi. Other companies have similar services, but what sets Sunrise apart from its competitors is the fact they go that extra mile to help gets customer’s stolen vehicles back. 

For a start the company employs CCTV systems that snap photos of would be thieves. Well done, Kelvin.We wonder how long it’ll be before similar services enter widespread use in the UK and Europe. 

To get a more indepth look at Macharia’s business, see the below video.


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