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Survey Reveals Women use Cars as ‘Second Wardrobes’

Half of young female drivers admit to using their car as a ‘second wardrobe’, keeping spare clothing and beauty products in their vehicle ‘in case of an emergency’. This is according to a new survey by, a nationwide network of car breakers.

Verity applies the 10th base coat of mascara before hitting the road to apply her 11th.
Verity applies the 10th base coat of mascara before hitting the road to apply her 11th.

54 per cent of 1,621 female drivers aged 18-25 from the UK admit to keeping their vehicle fully stocked with clothing and beauty products in case they find a need for it.

Matt Bott, the operations director at, said “The vagaries of the British weather means that you can never be too sure about the appropriate choice of clothing.” 

Indeed, tops and dresses were within the top 5 items women keep in cars, with tops (54 per cent) and dresses (51 per cent) beating shoes (44 per cent) and beauty/hair accessories (31 per cent). However, make-up trumped them all at 62 per cent.

But we’re not just talking any old make-up or hair accessories. 77 per cent say they thought the items they carried were worth a significant amount of cash. The average value of these items was a whopping £205.

Whilst a very expensive pair of GHDs might save the woman driver from the catastrophe of morning bed-hair, it could also put woman at risk as expensive products make a prime target for thieves. Bott advises drivers to keep the majority of their products in the boot and out of sight.  

And the reason for carrying a small fortune’s worth of makeup and clothes in the car? 48 per cent claimed it was ‘in case of an emergency’, 33 per cent could ‘never decide what to wear’, and 27 per cent ‘liked to cover all eventualities’. 

Over a 1/4 of the women taking part admitted they had previously believed a fashion or beauty item of theirs to be ‘lost’, only to find it later in the car. 

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