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Suzuki e-Survivor concept is an electric off-roader from the future

The Suzuki e-Survivor off-roader concept unveiled ahead of the Tokyo Motor Show provides a glimpse of what Jimny and Vitara models could be like in years to come.

Suzuki is revered when it comes to bikes, but perhaps not so much when it comes to cars. However, Suzuki’s recent offerings are helping change perceptions and the e-Survivor concept SUV could be another positive step.

The Suzuki e-Survivor is called that because it electric and designed to thrive in harsh terrain, which you would expect no less from a two-seater jeep that looks a bit like a futuristic military vehicle. Huge knobbly wheels, ground clearance aplenty and short overhangs ─ it should be a monster at driving over things.

Not only that, Suzuki has made the e-Survivor suitably lightweight and it should be able to climb just about anything, thanks to the mighty torque electric motors can produce in an instant and the promise of all-wheel drive.

In terms of the driving spirit, Suzuki claims its current Jimny and Vitara models are present, but has released very little other information except that is based on a traditional ladder frame – just like the forthcoming Jimny.

What is unclear is whether the e-Survivor can survive the concept phase and go on to become a production car, but given the recent trend of electric and Suzuki’s off-roader heritage it would be a predictable move.

The e-Survivor may be a small SUV with a toy-like aesthetic, but it is going to be hard to miss. Retro circular headlights, glowing wheels and two bright orange seats all ensure it will do anything but shrink into the background.

The E-Survivor was unveiled ahead of the 45th Tokyo Motor Show, where it will be on display for all to see alongside the Xbee Trio and Spacia concepts. The show starts on the 27th of October and ends on the 5th of November, 2017.

On the subject of dates, Suzuki will be celebrating 100 years in 2020 so expect some notable announcements in the next two or three years. Consider reading our 2017 Suzuki Ignis review while you wait.


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