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Swincar E-Spider is a fully-electric off-roader like no other

UK purveyor of miniature drivable toy cars, Pocket Classics, has announced it will be the exclusive seller of a unique off-roader known as the Swincar E-Spider.

The Swincar E-Spider is an electric off-roader that features a spider-esque design where each wheel is attached to independently suspended and articulated arms. This enables it to drive up and down slopes as steep as 70 degrees with ground clearance of 220mm.

Cleverly, it can do this while keeping the driver vertical at all times thanks to a patented mechanical system. And because each wheel is powered by its own individual electric motor you get all-wheel drive traction.

A 10kg, 4kW litium-ion battery cell provides the Swincar E-Spider with up to four hours or 60 miles of range (whichever comes sooner) before it has to be recharged, a process that takes two hours.

Hydraulically-assisted steering lets you steer the E-Spider where you want it to go, while the acceleration and braking is taken care of by paddles so it should be a doddle to control – especially as there are no gears to worry about.

Bringing it down from its top speed of 18mph are hydraulic brakes with 200mm discs. Given the total weight of 200kg and dinky proportions of 2,000mm in length and 1,300mm in width and height, the E-Spider should come to a halt fast.

Unfortunately, the Swincar E-Spider is unsuitable for road use in the UK so you will need an empty field to enjoy it. You should also be aged eight and over and wear a helmet, just in case you do manage to tip it over.

“This is the first time that the SWINCAR E-Spider is available in the UK, and it offers a completely unique and exciting off-road experience unlike any other in this country,” said Pocket Classics managing director, James Cooper.

“The boundaries of adventure are almost limitless, and we expect demand to be extremely high as it’s such a novel product,” he added.

You can order the Swincar E-Spider right now from Pocket Classics, priced at £13,495 including VAT and delivery. We shall be driving one in the near future so expect our thoughts soon.

Or you could save up a bit more and get yourself a baby racecar. Just saying…


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