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Techrules Ren is a diesel-sipping hybrid supercar

The Techrules Ren will be at the 2017 Concorse d’Eleganza. Here is what we know about the diesel-fuelled hybrid supercar, including the all-important top speed.

The Techrules Ren is an interesting mix. It designed by two Italians, which is par for the course in supercar land, but features a bizarre cockpit layout and is powered, in part, by a diesel.

So far, so weird. But then it does have a seriously powerful hybrid powertrain that gives it a top speed worthy of any supercar – petrol or not. Here is everything you need to know.

It was designed by Italy

If you the best name you could come up with for your automotive company was Techrules, you would probably also enlist the help of Italy to design it. Fabrizio and Giorgetto Giugiaro had the task of making it eye-catching, which it most certainly is.

The Chinese company is taking a somewhat hands-off approach to the final development and testing phases, too, having enlisted the help of L.M. Giannetti. Which, as you may have guessed, is also Italian.

Up to six electric motors give it all the horsepower

The Techrules Ren can be had with 1,287bhp and 1,725lb/ft of torque as part of a ridiculous six-motor setup – two at the front, four at the back. More modest setups are available, including one with four motors that develops 858bhp and 1,150lb/ft and a two-motor good for 429bhp and 575lb/ft.

The power-to-weight ratio is better than a Bugatti Chiron

All that (alleged) power means the Techrules Ren has a power-to-weight ratio of 757bhp per ton (it weighs 1,700kg because of carbon fibre), bettering the Bugatti Chiron by 26bhp per ton. No wonder, then, 0-62mph takes 2.5 seconds and the top speed is 217mph.

There are family cars less efficient

Depending on the version of the patented Turbine-Recharging Electric Vehicle powertrain you go for, the Techrules Ren can do up to 727 miles on 80 litres of diesel. The combined fuel economy figure is an impressive 31.5mpg, better than that of a Ford Focus RS. Petrol can be used, but efficiency is reduced.

The all-electric range is almost that of a BMW i3

You can also choose what size battery capacity to have. 14kWh is the smallest, 25kWh is the mid-ranger while 32kWh provides a claimed 124 miles of electric-only range so no need to use any fuel when driving to get some milk.

The water-cooled, British-built electric motors can be recharged to 80 per cent in a mere 15 minutes with a DC fast charger, which is about as long as it takes to fast charge a phone, and the battery lifespan is said to be 100,000 cycles so no need to worry about longevity.

The cockpit is a bit special

It is up to the buyer whether they want a one, two or three-seater configuration. In three-seat mode, two passengers sit either side of the driver like in the McLaren F1. Microphones and speakers, meanwhile, allow for clearer communication between passengers.

Fold-out touchscreens, finest Italian leather and an exclusive denim fabric from Pantaloni Torino provide a luxury finish for those lucky enough to be invited for a drive. The denim element is said to also prevent occupants from sliding around when things get fast.

You will actually be able to buy one

Techrules says production of its Ren supercar will begin in 2018, with a ‘limited run’ (96 units, to be precise) of track-focussed cars to kick things off.

Orders are open now and the price is yet to be revealed, but we would hazard a guess at millions of pounds given the blinding performance and how only 10 a year will be made, each one by hand.

Techrules has plans for more accessible cars

The Ren is a halo product that is designed to raise awareness for the company and show what it can do. But Techrules will be hoping to use its scalable drivetrain in more affordable vehicles such as an SUV. Because everyone wants an SUV these days, apparently.


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