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Tesla introduces budget Model X

The Tesla Model X has been given a more affordable trim level in the form of the ’60D’, which is available to order now ahead of its 2017 arrival.

The Tesla Model X 60D features a 60kWh output, which is good for a range of 220 miles (NEDC) and has all-wheel drive, as denoted by the ‘D’ part of its name. This puts the previous entry-level 75D a step up in the range, below the range-topping P90D and the slower P90.

We use the term output for the 60D, because it actually has the battery capacity of the 75kWh model but the range is restricted by software, allowing the range to be upgraded at a later date. This is identical to the Model S, which in its 60kWh form also uses a 75kWh battery.

While the battery output is lower, performance is just as spritely for the 60D, with 0-60mph taking the same six seconds and the same 130mph top speed, compared with 3.8 seconds for the P90D and 3.2 seconds with the Ludicrous Mode upgrade.

Optional extras for the Model X 60D include the seven-seat interior (£3,400) and six-seat interior (£2,550), both of which are available when the £2,200 Smart Air Suspenion upgrade is specced.

There is also a Subzero Weather Package (£850), which adds seat heaters throughout the cabin, a heated steering wheel and wiper blade defrosters, better quality sound system (£2,200) and a Towing Package, which allows towing of 2,268kg on 20-inch alloys and 1,588kg on 22s.

The Tesla Model X is a sports utility vehicle that competes with the Volvo XC90, Range Rover, BMW X5 and, in its sportier forms, the Porsche Cayenne and Mercedes-AMG GLE. It features ‘Falcon Wing’ doors that open upwards and a driving assistant known as Autopilot.

Prices start from £64,100 for the Tesla Model X 60D, making it £10,700 more expensive than the entry-level Model S or £6,300 less for the dual-motor, all-wheel drive variant. Tesla says first orders will see a spring 2017 delivery.

Tesla’s next vehicle after the Model X will be the Model 3, which will be its most affordable electric car to date and is priced to take on the BMW 3 Series. It is expected to arrive in 2018 at the earliest.


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