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Tesla Model S P85D vs P85 is the quietest drag race ever

Drag races are usually noisy affairs. But what if two electric cars do battle? Well, things become much quieter – but not necessarily slower, as the following drag video will attest.

The videos produced by Drag Times shows two versions of the all-electric car Tesla Model S in two different drag races, one from a complete standstill and the other a 35mph rolling start.

In the red corner we have the P85, the original Model S in its most powerful ‘Performance’ form. Power is 415hp and 0 to 60mph takes 4.2 seconds. In the blue corner is the top-spec dual motor variant, which as the name suggests has an extra electric motor.

Naturally, the P85D really benefits from having 691hp, bringing the 0 to 60mph time down to a claimed 3.2 seconds. Factor in a clever all-wheel drive drivetrain and you can see why the P85 is left eating the P85D’s exhaust fumes. If it had any, that is. Seriously, the first race is not even close. 

Drag Times also decided to put the Model S P85D on a dyno because why not. It managed a frankly insane 864lb/ft of torque, which is far above the official figure of 687lb/ft. 

Some of you at the back there will be complaining about the lack of an engine roar, which is a perfectly valid point. But before you start prattling on how things were better in your day, try to remember the instant torque of an electric motor means spine-bending pace without tearing a hole in the ozone.

We’re guessing the dual motor is a nice stop-gap while we wait for the Model X sports utility vehicle. It was, after all, supposed to go on sale in 2014. At this rate the cheaper Model III, a BMW 3-Series rival, will arrive sooner.

Scroll down, watch the race and marvel at how far electric motors have come.

Tesla Model S P85D vs P85 video


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