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Tesla Model S video review: The best electric car on earth?

Electric cars are rubbish, right? Wrong. Ben Griffin discovers the Tesla Model S is a green, tarmac-destroying machine that proves eco-motoring can mix it up with the combustion engine.

Secretly we hoped the Model S would live up to everything it promised. As petrol heads we love a V8 or V12 roar as much as the next petrolhead, but anything that goes fast in style will flag up on our motoring radar. 

Fast and stylish are boxes the Tesla Model S ticks. Opt for the 85kWh Performance model we reviewed, instead of the cheaper, slower and less range-friendly 60kWh and 85kWh alternatives, and 0 to 62mph takes 4.2 seconds. Power is a healthy 416hp. Not bad for what can be specced as a seven-seater.

The Model S has impressed us every time we have driven it thanks to its silent pace and head-turning presence. But even with a healthy range of 300-odd miles between charges, you need to plan ahead for long journeys – especially when the UK’s charging network needs improving.

Admittedly the announcement of the absurdly fast, self-driving Model D has dampened the appeal of the single-motor Model S. But it remains the poster child for the electric car revolution, and although less fun to drive than the similarly priced BMW i8 hybrid, you can avoid spending another penny on fuel again.

Check out our video review below and be sure to check out our old-fashioned word-based version, too, for our full verdict.

Tesla Model S video review


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