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The car that thinks it’s a spider

Spiders may be an unlikely inspiration for a car but the Mecanroc Swincar proves there’s method to the multi-legged madness with its rather bizarre off-road contraption.

The Swincar has the usual four wheels and seat arrangement, but unlike a normal car each wheel has its own motor and independent suspension. This allows each ‘leg’ to go up and down over just about any terrain like a four-legged spider on roller skates.

The lack of being restricted by fixed wheelsand suspension means the Swincar can tackle thin ditches and power up steep hills. Not only that, it can lean into corners and so can the wheels for better cornering and traverse steep angles while keeping the driver vertical.

Each wheel has its own 1kWh or 1.5kWh electric motor, allowing two- or four-wheel steering and drive, all of which are powered by either a 2kWh, 4kWh or 6kWh battery. Total output is a plentiful 340Nm of torque, which is a huge amount for a vehicle that weighs 140kg before the driver gets in.

Supposedly you can have four hours of hilly fun before it needs recharging, which can be done in two hours with the right outlet. The maximum speed of 40kmh is a smidge under 25mph. A 200mm hydraulic disc brake system, meanwhile, brings the fun to a halt.

One of the cleverest aspects of the Swincar is the fact it uses centrifugal forces to keep the driver upright so it will always do its job without electrical input, unlike an active system that could fail and hinder or prevent progress.

Put off by the one seat? A two-seater version is currently being worked on so you need not be alone on your jaunts into the wilderness or, more likely, your mate’s field.

Mecanrocis headed up by CEO and founder Pascal Rambaud, the man who has been working on the vehicle for the last seven years to get it where it is today.

Anyway, enough talk. The following video will show you what this weird beast can do while we wait for a price to be announced. Expect it to go on sale at the end of 2015.

Swincar part car, part spider video


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