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This crazy VW trailer advert has been confusing the internet

You have probably seen a car pull a trailer, but have you ever seen a trailer pull a car? If the answer is no, you are about to, thanks to a recent Volkswagen advert.

The advert shows a plain-looking trailer pulling a VW Passat estate around the streets of Norway, leaving onlookers looking very confused and curious what’s going on.

VW made the video to promote its semi-autonomous trailer system, which uses cameras to steer the trailer into a space without any steering input from the driver.

The commercial has proven immensely popular, amassing more than 1.1million views since it went live in mid-January 2016, but not all of the press has been positive. A number of YouTubers have referenced VW’s emissions scandal.

“More misleading & cheating, well it is VW,” one said. Another chimed in with: “Good old VW. Always cheating.” Think its emissions-dodging ways will haunt the brand for some time to come, then.

To be fair to the German manufacturer, marketing is usually a tad misleading regardless of the company involved and the video is amusing, which means you may want to watch it.

So how was it done, you ask? Clue: The footage isn’t being played in reverse ─ the trailer is actually the car. So there. You can see for yourself in the making-of video below as well as the original advert.

Volkswagen Trailer Assist commercial and making-of videos


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