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This driveable deck chair is the ultimate summer accessory

There’s virtually no point trying to get up early to nab yourself a deck chair – chances are there’s a German already sunning himself. But now you can trump Hermann in the most impressive way possible – by rocking up in the world’s first driveable deck chair.

The Ultimate Deck Chair, to give it its proper name, is a fully road-legalvehicle that lets you drive to then onto the beach in style, all while surrounded with the best technology to make the most of your stay in the sun.

It has space for two in the cabin, plus room for a third on its bonnet area. There’s a boombox, a refrigerated slushy machine, a sandpit with bucket and spade, deployable windbreaks for added privacy, plus a motorised GPS-enabled parasol that constantly blocks the sun as it moves, guaranteeing you shade should you need it.

Solomon Rogers, who designed this deck chair for Holiday Autos, said: “I was commissioned to make the holiday experience better than ever before and we wanted beachgoers to enjoy a day at the seaside without having to worry about overcrowding, sand getting everywhere and forgetting the sun cream.

“The ultimate deck chair takes the traditional design and builds on it to provide holidaymakers with the very best seaside experience possible – whilst hopefully also raising a smile.”

Michael Callaghan from Holiday Autos said: “Our job is to inject as much fun, freedom and frivolity into holidays as possible – something The Ultimate Deck Chair most certainly does.

“It seems to have gone down a storm in Brighton, so it looks likely that we will take to the road and head to some of the beautiful sandy beaches around Europe”.

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