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This is how not to use an ice scraper

An American news reporter made a spectacular fool of herself – by incorrectly using an ice scraper on live television.

Frances Wang was reporting for KREM2 News when she decided to show viewers how to use the ice-removing implement. It’s all going swimmingly, as she uses the brush part of the scraper to remove snow from the bonnet of the KREM news van.

From here on things starts to go south. Rather than scrape ice and snow off the windscreen with the hard-edged side of the tool, Wang uses it on the bonnet, causing a few scratches to the paintjob and a lot of laughs back in the studio.

“Okay so the little scraper edge, Frances, it’s actually for your windshield, not for the car… We don’t want any scratched paint,” one of the studio presenters said, before bursting into fits of laughing.

Wang takes the whole blooper in good spirit, laughing off her stupidity. “I was just trying to show you what it’s like out here,” she said, before cracking up again.

Commenting on the YouTube video, which has been watched nearly 200,000 times, Wang defended her actions: “Just to add some context for everyone: I had just moved to Los Angeles after spending my entire life in [California] and this was the 1st day of snowfall in my new city.”

If it never snows where you live, would you really know what an ice scraper is for? Or was it silly for the presenter to fail to do her research before going on air? You decide.


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