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This is how you load a bobcat digger onto a trailer

A construction worker has found an extremely unconventional way of getting his ‘Bobcat S130 Skid-Steer Loader’ onto his lorry. Suffice to say, it’s YouTube video gold.

The video in question shows the Skid-Steer pilot flip his vehicle onto two wheels, using the weight of the digger scoop above the machine to keep it steady, before expertly reversing it up to the lorry bed.  

The massive tractor tyres find grip on the trailer bed, hoisting the Skid-Steer upwards like gravity has taken the day off, with the digger scoop preventing the heavy machine from ending up arse over tit.

Judging from the ease in which the Bobcat pilot achieved this impressive feat, it is clear he has spent a long time perfecting the skill and that the move performed in the video was far from a fluke.

Luckily not every road worker chooses to spend his or her days frolicking around in their diggers instead of filling in the car-swallowing potholes on our roads. But we have to hand it to the man, this was time well spent from an entertainment value perspective.

Any digger owners out there able to better this particular stunt?


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