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Chevrolet Bolt joins Volt in revolt

Detroit motor show 2015: General Motors has confirmed pre-show rumours by revealing the Chevrolet Bolt, an all-electric hatchback that wants to conquer the hearts and minds of eco-minded Americans.

The most important aspect of the Bolt is its 200-mile range between being plugged into the mains, something only the more expensive Tesla Model S can surpass and the more affordable Model III is said to equal.

Lightweight materials such as carbon fibre, aluminium and magnesium have been used to save weight and help maximise the range of the four-seater. Aerodynamic optimisation also plays a role in helping the Bolt cut through the air in an efficient manner.

Specifics of the electric powertrain are unknown but we know it will be a full electric vehicle – as opposed to a hybrid EREV like the Volt, which is now in its second generation.

Speaking of similarities, the Chevrolet Bolt will cost from US$30,000 (whether that’s before or after any tax incentive is unclear), according to General Motors, making it about as much as the Model III is rumoured to be.

Inside the airy, minimalist cabin is a 10.1-inch touchscreen display for all your infotainment needs and a ‘floating’ centre console that looks like it should be in a sci-fi movie and the sort of pristing white interior a wet dog would ruin in milliseconds.

The driver can use his smartphone as a key fob, making it possible to gain access without a key, in addition to finding where you parked the Bolt and pay for parking. Chevrolet has also included the ability for the Bolt EV to park itself up without you in the vehicle and then pick you up later on.

General Motors CEO Mary Barra said: “The Bolt EV concept is a game-changing electric vehicle designed for attainability. Chevrolet believes electrification is a pillar of future transportation and needs to be affordable for a wider segment of customers.” 

Exactly how much of the concept will make it over to the production car remains unclear, which means there’s a chance the Bolt could end up shining much less bright when it goes on sale in the 2017 model year.

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