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Meet the new 510 horsepower Mercedes-AMG C 63

The new Mercedes-AMG C63 Saloon and Estate have arrived, complete with a new engine, new technologies and improved eco-credentials. They are also bloody quick.

A new 4.0-litre biturbo V8 – codenamed M177 – gives the new C 63 am impressive 476hp and 650Nm of torque from 1,750rpm. Opt for the C 63 S and there are 510 ponies and 700Nm of torque to play with. More than enough to terrify your passengers.

The engine, which is a sister of the M178 in the AMG-GT, is smaller, lighter, more powerful and 32 per cent more fuel efficient than its predecessor. 0 to 62mph takes 4.0 seconds for the standard saloon and 4.1 seconds for the C 63 S. Estate models are a tenth of a second slower. Top speed is limited to 155mph.

Fuel economy comes in at 34.5mpg for the C 63 Saloon (kerb weight of 1,715kg), while CO2 emissions are 192g/km. The C 63 S Estate (1,785kg), meanwhile, is rated at 33.6mpg and 196g/km, respectively. 

Lumps and bumps are soaked up by a unique suspension setup, which is comprised four-link suspension, independent steering knuckles, wider track, multilink system at the back and AMG’s Ride Control – a feature that lets you electronically adjust three-stage dampers to harden or soften things up.

390mm discs at the front and 360mm discs at the rear take care of braking. There’s an option to upgrade to ceramic discs if you want even more stopping power.

Exterior changes include a new front bumper with air intakes to keep the intercoolers cool, new rear bumper, new quad exhaust pipes, AMG grille, wider front wings and subtle ‘V8 biturbo’ badges. 

The interior gets new seats, a unique AMG steering wheel and ‘recalibrated’ AMG dials. Front up more money for the AMG sports seats and you can specify various different leather treatment and trim finishes for a more tailored place to park your bum.

You’ll be able to order the Mercedes-AMG C 63 Saloon and Estate in October 2014. First deliveries are expected in Spring 2015. Try to make do with the pictures below while we wait for a UK price and specification.

Mercedes-AMG C 63 pictures


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