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TomTom Speed Cameras app to keep you on the right side of the law

Tired of getting caught out by speed cameras? TomTom has just launched its Speed Cameras app to help you know where to find them.

TomTom Speed Cameras is a free download for Android devices that is said to offer the driver ‘highly accurate fixed and mobile camera alerts in real time, as well as average speed checks’.

Besides potentially saving you fines and points on your driving licence, it should also keep you sane, thanks to only bleeping at you when a camera is detected on the road you are on.

Fixed camera locations come from TomTom’s vast database, while mobile speed cameras locations are generated by community-reported and community-verified reports from more than 4.6 million drivers.

Usefully, TomTom has developed the Speed Cameras app to work in Overlay mode, so you can use other apps but still receive warnings and let other drivers know if there was a camera to watch out for.

TomTom co-founder and managing director Corinne Vigreux said: “By launching the TomTom Speed Cameras app for free, we want to welcome more drivers into the TomTom community.

“Already, 4.6m drivers are working together to report and verify speed camera locations in real time – and now all Android smartphone owners can join us to make driving a more relaxed experience.

“We have focused on reducing driver stress, by designing a clean and simple app which minimises false-alarms for irrelevant cameras.”

You can head to the Google Play store now to download the TomTom Speed Cameras app, if you happen to live in the UK, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Portugal, France, Poland, South Africa or New Zealand.


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