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Top Gear: Watch Matt LeBlanc try to get into an Ariel Nomad

A new Top Gear trailer has been revealed – and it shows Friends star Matt LeBlanc trying to get into Somerset’s most ridiculous creation.

Matt LeBlanc – one of the six new Top Gear hosts – is seen driving the Ariel Nomad, an off-road variation of the Atom, which is one of the fastest cars on the planet. When we say driving, he actually spends most of the footage trying to get in it.

The footage was shot on Morocco and features an unnamed motocross rider who jumps over the Nomad as it tears up sand left, right and centre.

The Ariel Nomad, which is built in the county of Somerset more famously known for its Cheddar cheese and various ciders, is powered by a 235bhp Honda Civic engine. Weighing just 670kg, no wonder 0-62mph comes and goes in around 3.5 seconds.

In related Top Gear news, our very own Mr Rory Reid was in New York filming something from Tesla (it’s all hush hush). Meanwhile fellow presenter Chris Harris was blasting around Monza in a Bentley GT3 car as part of the Blancpain GT endurance race.

Top Gear has been plagued with issues since filming began, including the departure of executive producer Lisa Clark, Chris Evans inability to talk and drive, upset over doughnuts in front of the Cenotaph war memorial and an alleged spat between Evans and LeBlanc.

With the show expected to arrive towards the end of May (possibly June), there’s really not long to wait before Top Gear is reborn. Then we get Clarkson’s as yet named show later in 2016 so it really is a good time to be a petrolhead.

Check out the first trailer from the new Top Gear here.

Video: Matt LeBlanc tackles the Ariel Nomad in Top Gear


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