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Trusting husband lets wife create a masterpiece on his Nissan Skyline GT-R

The gifted wife of a car enthusiast who serves in the US military has given his beastly Nissan Skyline GT-R a paintjob with nothing more than a sharpie pen – and it look the business.

The loving husband had never been a fan of his R33 Skyline GT-R‘s standard silver paint job so one evening he let his wife Alison draw over a few scratches on its front bumper. He woke up the following day to find himself astounded by her unique designs and from this point onwards he knew they had to continue the project.

“So this is where it was like… what do we do. 15 hours went into the front bumper all of a sudden and we felt an indebtedness to it. Well ideas got thrown around…” the husband and member of the Nico Club said in a forum post where the pictures were posted.

While he worked on fine-tuning the engine, his better half exhibited her artistic abilities. Start to finish took roughly 100 hours of hard work and numerous clear coats to protect the design, which is now a permanent fixture. Time well spent given the end result is nothing short of amazing.

Alison has a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from the University of Hawaii. Oddly, her husband says she spent most of her time glass blowing, not using a sharpie pen.

Would you let a loved one loose on your pride and joy? Let us know in the comments and scroll down for the pictures and time lapse video.


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