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‘Urban Assault’ buggy driver faces 26 misdemeanours for racing around San Diego

A man who drove at breakneck speeds in an 800hp V8 dune buggy around the US city of San Diego has found himself in a spot of bother with the law.

27-year-old Blake Sebastian Wilkey – the owner and driver of the modified VW Beetle in the Urban Assault video – posted a copy of the arrest warrant San Diego police sent him.

It includes nine counts of conspiring to commit a crime, nine counts of reckless driving and eight counts of engaging in a motor vehicle exhibition of speed.

Wilkey, who is set to face a judge on the 14th of March, 2016, could go to jail for his dangerous driving on public roads.

A motorist’s first reckless driving offence can result in being in the slammer for up to 90 days, thousands of dollars in fines, their vehicle impounded for up to 30 days and their licence suspended for a month.

A second or third violation could result in him losing his licence for a year and six months in jail. Wilkey has nine counts against him and that’s before the judge factors in the other 17 charges.

Wilkey never bothered to hide his identity in the Urban Assault video (his surname is on the side of the dune buggy), and posting the arrest warrant shows he’s being honest about the trouble he’s in, which seems an odd move when his Instagram post could be used as evidence in court.

In his Instagram post, Wilkey said: “Monday morning at 8 am downtown I will be facing a judge on 26 misdemeanor accounts for the urban assault video.

“This was not taken lightly by the prosecutor and I hope it won’t be to heavy of a burden on me after it’s all said and done. Do fun, wild, crazy things my friends just don’t let them be illegal or if they are don’t post them on the Internet!

“If they make the news you know you’re in some shit! I’m not stressing it though, just a small BUMP in the road #stayrad #getpitted #thankyouforyourtaxdollarstheyarebeingusedverywell #whatajoke”

A number of viewers have condoned his behaviour, citing the fact it’s incredibly dangerous to drive at such speeds on public roads. But some pointed out the fact the roads were largely empty, which was perhaps no coincidence.

Whatever your views of Wilkey’s actions, the video is actually pretty entertaining. So watch it, enjoy it but for heaven’s sake don’t try this at home.

Video: Urban Assault in San Diego


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