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Video: Watch a Honda Civic Type R crash spectacularly at the ‘ring

When it comes to putting drivers to the limit, Germany’s Nurburgring is tough to beat – and there are plenty of videos that prove our point.

Case in point: A video has surfaced of a third-generation Honda Civic Type R racing around the Green Hell at breakneck speed and for the last time.

Three cars whizz past the track-side camera without issue and then we see one enter sideways. At this point, the unnamed driver tries to correct the slide but the Type R snaps back and the rear wheels go over the apex onto the grass, sending it on a trajectory with the barrier.

Such is the level of speed and the angle of the impact, the Type R bounces off and rotates in the air before landing on its roof and rolling over four times during the crash, which took place on the 1st of May, 2016.

Other cars behind the Type R, having seen the epic crash, pull over to try and help but both the driver and passenger walk away seemingly without injury.

The car, meanwhile, is going to need more than just a few panels beaten out as the windscreen and bodywork are completely mangled.

It is unclear how experienced the Type R’s driver was, but many professionals have got it very wrong on more than one occasion so he’s in good company. The video awaits.

Video: Big horror crash in Honda Civic Type R


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