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VW Golf GTE Sport is a 394bhp hybrid

VW has unveiled yet another ludicrously powerful Golf. This time we have the Golf GTE Sport, a 394bhp hybrid that could outrun some Ferraris.

The Golf GTE Sport uses a plug-in hybrid powertrain that can hit 0-62mph in 4.3 seconds and on to a top speed of 174mph. A 1.6-litre TSI engine from the Polo R WRC rally car provides most of the power, while two electric motors take the total torque figure up to 670Nm.

VW says the Golf GTE Sport is designed to use electric power whenever possible, so unless you intend on giving your passengers a dose of whiplash-inducing acceleration it should be cheap to run and friendly to the environment. It can, in fact, manage 31 miles on electric power alone.

Doors that swing right up, like in the insanely efficient XL1, and a two-seater layout make this particular Golf unique. Scirocco R-esque looks, meanwhile, give it a meaty, ‘get out of my way’ look. Inside are two separate compartments for the passenger and driver.

Just to add to the cool factor, the button for switching between the EMode, GTE-Mode and Hybrid-Mode driving modes is located in the roof, mimicking the controls in a jet plane. Not only that, the entire body is predominantly made from carbon fibre so the weight is kept to a minimum.

20-inch alloy wheels, LED headlights and daytime running lights, a six-speed DSG gearbox and all-wheel drive completes what is quite possibly the most mental Golf ever. Shame it’s just a concept for now, then.

The Golf GTE Sport was unveiled at VW’s Lake Worthersee event in Austria alongside the Golf GTI Clubsport, a concept version of the new Golf GTI that will go on sale in 2016 to celebrate 40 years of the Golf GTI.

VW Golf GTE Sport pictures


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